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Is your organization investing hours in the purchasing, storing, and assembly of pipe fitting and valve components?  Could you benefit from expanded capacity, improved quality or lowered cost?  Cooney Manufacturing can help.

 "Many of our customers' products include customized fitting and valve assemblies, as part of the finished product, or as OEM accessories, and replacement parts kits. Let us build these assemblies for you, so you can put your people to better use and focus on your core competency."


At Cooney Manufacturing, we mass produce pipe, valve and fitting assemblies, as well as custom kits for original equipment manufacturers and other businesses. The assemblies we produce often include associated products such as gauges, regulators, circulators and other items. Our assembly service can help you expand your capacity, improve quality, and lower cost.


Does your product require an agency approval or a special process such as UL or FM? Our quality control process ensures your product will meet or exceed all the necessary requirements.


With over 30 years in the assembly and kitting business, we understand the unique solutions required to meet your standards. Our association with Cooney Brothers Incorporated, a wholesale distributor of pipe, valves & fittings, means we can buy these components at the best prices. Plus, our domestic production facility means we can ship orders fast, shortening your supply chain.

Streamline your operation, and let Cooney Manufacturing build your custom assemblies so you can focus on your core competency.  Contact us today to get started.

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